Eino Lightener

The two revolutionary premium bleaches from EINO BEAUTY set new standards and inspire the hairdressing world with the clearest blonde results. The innovative formula has been specially developed to effortlessly lighten even the darkest hair - Blue Edition up to 10 levels, Black Edition even up to 11 levels. The hair-friendly formula minimises melanin residue for clear, even blonde results that provide a perfect foundation for all further colour needs.

Eino Blonde 9+2 Black Edition 500 g
Premium black bleaching powder for up to 11 levels of lightening
24,95 €* 49,90 /1 kg
Eino Blonde 10 Blue Edition 500 g
Premium blue bleaching powder for up to 10 levels of lightening
17,45 €* 34,90 /1 kg

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