Beard Brush

For beard care, styling and precise cutting, there are beard brushes of various kinds. We have complete sets for all-round care, neck brushes, styling brushes and beard combs. We also offer a variety of materials and designs so you can choose according to your aesthetic needs.

Wahl Professional Fade Brush
Mod. 0093-6370
14,90 €*
Gamma+ Fade Barber Brush
19,98 €*
Barburys William Barber Neck Brush
11.5cm x 14cm x 3.5cm
17,19 €*
Barburys Oscar Barber Styling Brush
3,5 cm x 20 cm x 3 cm
12,79 €*
Gamma+ Oval Barber Beard Brush
Beard and moustache brush
20,29 €*
XanitaliaPro Beard Brush
With natural bristles
7,69 €*
Barburys Louis Small Beard Styling Brush
3 cm x 21,5 cm x 2,5 cm
12,79 €*
Barburys Fred Club Barber Styling Brush
5 cm x 17.5 cm x 4 cm
15,89 €*
Termix Untangle Beard Brush
for detangling and cleaning the beard
13,98 €*
Termix Special Beard Brush
for Fades
24,79 €*
Barburys Ralph Barber Clothing Brush
3.5 cm x 27cm x 4cm
now only 14,69 €*
Barburys Leo Military Style Palm Brush
boar bristles
12,59 €*
Barburys Ray Beard Brush
6cm x 10cm x 3,5cm palm brush
now only 15,89 €*
Hercules Sägemann Beard Grooming Set, 4-piece
1 comb, 1 brush, 1 scissor, 1 pouch
now only 37,90 €*
Hercules Sägemann Beard Grooming Set, 2-Parts K4002
Bear Comb + Beard Oil 30 ml
now only 17,39 €* 579,67 €/1 Liter

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