Barber Mirrors

Here you will find various barber mirrors. There are practical models that can be attached to the wall and are also lighted - as well as hand mirrors to show the back of your customer's head after a haircut.

Efalock Mirror black with wallholder
Plastic hairdressing mirror
23,89 €*
Efalock Mirror silver 28cm
Plastic hairdressing mirror
21,19 €*
Valera OPTIMA Classic
Wall mounted, double sided twin arm mirror Mod. 207.01 Mod. 207.01
65,90 €*
Comair Cabinet hand mirror Multi Grip
21 x 29 cm
17,19 €*
Valera OPTIMA Light One
Wall mounted, led lighted mirror Mod. 207.05 Mod. 207.05
159,90 €*
Valera Optima Light Smart
Wall-mounted magnifying mirror with automatic LED lighting
171,90 €*
Comair Cabinet hand mirror “Executive“ black
Ø 29 cm, hanging eye No. 3011990
22,29 €*
Comair Cabinet hand mirror “Elegant“ silver
matt, Ø 25 cm No. 3011986
23,39 €*
Valera OPTIMA Bar
Barre mounted, double sided mirror Mod. 207.00 Mod. 207.00
41,90 €*
Termix Hairdressing Mirror black
Size: 22 cm x 36.2 cm
16,49 €*

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