Olaplex Hair Care

Olaplex repairs damaged hair from the inside. Unlike other active ingredients, the original Olaplex ingredient does not work from the outside, but repairs hair from the inside out - by permanently bonding broken disulphide bridges in the hair.

Known as the "Invention", the ingredient Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate enabled professionals to achieve new heights in colour and care. Hair was not only healthier, but also took on a completely different quality - blondes were brighter, brunettes more radiant and redheads more vibrant. In the meantime, there are also innovative products for at-home hair care.

Today, Olaplex is one of the largest independent hair care brands in the world, with over 100 worldwide patents. With a grassroots approach, the brand quickly became a global sensation and paved the way for a whole new category of hair care called "bond-building".

Olaplex Salon Intro Kit, 3 x 525 ml
for all hair types
316,90 €* 201,21 €/1 Liter
Olaplex Traveling Stylist Kit, 3 x 100 ml
for all hair types
139,00 €* 463,33 €/1 Liter
Olaplex Bond Maintenance Shampoo No. 4, 2000 ml
Suitable for all hair types
149,00 €* 74,50 €/1 Liter
Olaplex Maintenance Bond Shampoo No. 4, 250 ml
Suitable for all hair types
26,90 €* 107,60 €/1 Liter
Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3, 100 ml
Express Treatment for home use
27,90 €* 279,00 €/1 Liter
Olaplex Maintenance Bond Conditioner No. 5, 250 ml
Suitable for all hair types
26,90 €* 107,60 €/1 Liter
Olaplex Bond Perfector No. 2, 2000 ml
Express Treatment suitable for all hair types
214,90 €* 107,45 €/1 Liter
Olaplex Bonding Oil No. 7, 30 ml
Provides shine and softness & strengthens the hair structure
26,90 €* 896,67 €/1 Liter
Olaplex Bond Smoother No. 6, 100 ml
nourishing Leave In styling cream
26,90 €* 269,00 €/1 Liter
Olaplex Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment N°0, 155 ml
repairs, strengthens and protects, for all hair types
26,90 €* 173,55 €/1 Liter
Olaplex Bond Maintenance Conditioner No. 5, 2000 ml
Suitable for all hair types
159,90 €* 79,95 €/1 Liter

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