Safety razors

The safety razor is an alternative to the razor. Since the blade only protrudes a little from the plane, cuts are minimised. This is why the straight razor is also called a safety razor. From its invention in 1904 until around 1970, the safety razor was the most popular shaving implement for men. Today it is back in fashion.

In our shop you will find razors made of different materials and different designs.

Barburys Razor Distinctive Black Horn
Chrome-plated metal cutting head
now only 86,90 €*
Feather Double Edge Razor "Popular"
incl. 10 blades
22,09 €*
Barburys Butterfly Safety Razor Matt Black
butterfly mechanism - single blade
42,90 €*
Barburys Butterfly Safety Razor Satin
butterfly mechanism - single blade
45,90 €*
Barburys Butterfly Safety Razor Blonde Horn
butterfly mechanism - single blade
now only 44,90 €*
Barburys Razor Distinctive Blonde Horn
butterfly mechanism
now only 84,90 €*
Barburys Butterfly Safety Razor Glossy
butterfly mechanism - single blade
now only 31,90 €*
Feather Double Edge Razor AS-D2
all stainless razor for close shaves, made entirely of stainless steel
330,90 €*
Barburys Butterfly Safety Razor Twisted
butterfly mechanism - single blade
47,90 €*
Barburys Butterfly Safety Razor Black Horn
butterfly mechanism - single blade
now only 41,90 €*

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