The Groomed Man

The Groomed Man is an exclusive brand from Australia. Made by men for men, with the highest standards and perfectly performing products.

The promise of The Groomed Man is that every product has to feel good, smell good and most importantly, work well. Otherwise it will simply not be produced.

The high-quality products offer a variety of the best ingredients such as activated charcoal, peppermint, musk, lemongrass or even pure essential oil from Australia.

The Groomed Man Cool Cola Beard Oil 30 ml
Beard oil with the scent of summer
now only 15,49 €* 516,33 /1 Liter
The Groomed Man Cool Cola Hair & Beard Conditioner 300 ml
Conditioner with a refreshing shot of cola
now only 18,59 €* 61,97 /1 Liter
The Groomed Man Activated Charcoal Body Scrub 170 ml
Body scrub with activated charcoal
now only 18,59 €* 109,35 /1 Liter
The Groomed Man Citrus Blast Body Moisturiser 500 ml
Quick-absorbing, non-greasy body lotion
now only 33,90 €* 67,80 /1 Liter

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