Electric Nail Drill

Electric nail drills are versatile for manicure, pedicure and the processing of artificial nails. Different devices with a selection of attachments allow you to provide an individual service.

Sibel Nail Filing Tool Set Obb2500
for manicures, pedicures, artificial fingernails
44,90 €*
Valera ManiSwiss Travel
Travel manicure/pedicure set Mod. 651.03
now only 39,90 €*
Sibel Electric nail file
for professional nail technicians
88,90 €*
Sibel Diamond round-headed Drill Bit X2
for setting a stone flush with the nail surface
5,98 €*
Sibel Nail Drill Bit Cone for Manicure
for freeing ingrown nails or dead skin around the nails.
3,19 €*
Sibel Conical Stone Bit X2 for Manicure
to remove cuticles.
3,79 €*
Sibel Nail Drill Bit Surface Nails
Aid for working on the surface of nails.
2,59 €*
Sibel Fine Cylindrical Stainless Steel Bit
to work the nail surface.
14,59 €*
Sibel Cone Stainless Steel Bit - fine crosshatched burr
for removing resin or gel residues
14,59 €*
Sibel Sanding Brand Mandrel
Bit for Nail sander
2,69 €*
Sibel Small Cylindrical Diamond Bit X2
for smoothing and buffing the nails.
7,89 €*
Valera Felt cone 651.03
Mod. 06510117
now only 4,49 €*
Sibel Diamond Drill Bits X2
to remove glue residues and worn gel
5,98 €*
Sibel Nail Drill Bit Surface Artificial Nails
for removing glue or residues under nails.
2,59 €*
Sibel Barrel-shaped Stone Bit X2 for Pedicure
to remove cuticles and ridges on the toenails.
4,79 €*
Sibel Felt Cone X2
to polish the nail surface.
4,29 €*
Sibel Cylindrical Stainless Steel Bit - medium grain
for construction and to work the surface of the resin or gel nail.
14,59 €*
Sibel Anti-Dust Brush Bit X2
soft goat hair
5,19 €*
Sibel Conical Diamond Drill Bit Large for Pedicure
to remove rough and dead skin under the foot.
8,49 €*
XanitaliaPro Master table-top vacuum system
silent and powerful
98,90 €*
XanitaliaPro Tray for Master Manicure Vacuum Cleaner
for Master Vacuum Cleaner
11,49 €*
Valera Mandrel 651.01
Mod. 06510114
now only 9,98 €*
Sibel Dustproof with LED light
for nail dust with USB connected light
now only 41,90 €*
Sibel Barrel-shaped Diamond Drill Bits X2
for finishing after the removal of hard skin.
5,98 €*
Sibel Diamond Drill Bit X2
for smoothing and polishing the nails
5,98 €*
Sibel Conical Stainless Steel Bit
with rounded tip
14,59 €*
Valera Brush 651.01
Mod. 06510111
now only 8,79 €*

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