Stain Remover

Here you will find colour remover products to immediately remove colour residues on the skin and along the hairline.

XanitaliaPro Stain removal wipes ultra-gentle 100 pieces
removes colour residues on the skin
5,98 €*
Londa Colour Remover 150 ml
removes colour residues
11,49 €* 76,60 /1 Liter
Manic Panic Dye Away Wipes
Ammonia-free color removal wipes, 50 pieces
10,39 €*
Novicide Seyfnstein Pads
Removes hair color from the skin
7,09 €*
Coolike Hair Colour Removal Wipes Dispenser Box
box with 100 sheets
13,69 €*
Coolike Color Cleaner refill pack
removal wipes for dispenser type G-5202, 100 sheets
11,49 €*
Coolike Cuticle Remover Refill Pack
soft fleece cloths, 40 wipes
6,59 €*
Coolike Cuticle Remover Dispenser Box 40 Wipes
dispenser box with soft fleece cloths
9,49 €*
Coolike Color Cleaner Bag
stain remover wipe made of pure, soft cotton, 50 pieces
19,98 €*

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