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Super Kay is a brand of KEPRO S.p.A was born as a distributor of hair & beauty accessories and equipment. Today it is also the trusted supplier of its own beauty products for thousands of wholesalers, hairdressers, beauticians, beauty spas and end customers in Italy and around the world. Customer satisfaction and environmental impact in all processes are the main objectives of Kepro, which develops constantly new formulations, ever more natural but increasingly more effective. At this very moment, millions of customers around the world are using at least one Kepro product with satisfaction. Having verified the effectiveness of Kepro professional products in salons, the demand for home use and customer loyalty are constantly increasing. When choosing one of the products from the various Kepro brands, you know you can count on the professionalism of a great company, which does not aim for profit alone, but for the full satisfaction of customers, totally safely.


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