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Loreal X-Tenso Moisturist


Loreal X-Tenso Moisturist Natural Resistant Hair

Straightening cream 250 ml
 Loreal X-Tenso Moisturist Natural Resistant Hair
26,09 € (10,44 €/100 ml)
Article No.:
3-5 workdays

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New long lasting smoothing service. Easy styling, softness and shine with cationic auto-control technology.
X-TENSO Cera thermic, a straightening cream developed by L'Oréal Professionnel, is a way to achieve perfectly straight hair without having to style it every morning.
The straightening cream combined with the straightening of fine sections of hair with a straightening iron results into silky, soft and perfectly straight hair. The results last for up to 6 months and then you'll need a regrowth application to maintain the optimal Cera thermic result.
X-TENSO Cera thermic is used in different techniques depending upon the hair type and the desired result:
Ultimate straight - for perfectly straight hair
Naturally Straight - for long lasting blow dried effect
Boho Straight - for straight roots to curly ends
The Halo Effect - for anti frizz straightening for the top layers
Target Straight - for target problem areas
Loreal X-Tenso Moisturist Natural Resistant Hair
26,09  (10,44 €/100 ml)
incl. VAT, plus 4,90 € shipping*
3-5 workdays

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