Olivia Garden Dragon Exclusive Case Deal 2 Haidressers Scissor Set

Hair Cutting Scissor 5,5", Thinning Scissor 28 Teeth

 Olivia Garden Dragon Exclusive Case Deal 2 Haidressers Scissor Set
233,90 €
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  • Titanium Coated Blades for Rigidity, Strength and Longevity
  • Ultra-sharp, rugged and sturdy blades
  • Powerful Convexed Blades for Effortless and Precision Cutting
  • Arc Shape relieves Elbow Strain
  • Hand-Crafted with the finest Japanese Steel
  • Arc Shape relieves Elbow Strain
  • Ergonomic Handle Design
  • Micro Adjustable screw for precise Tuning
  • Professional quality for a reasonable price
  • Striking Elegance with Dragon patterning
2 Scissors Set
1 x Hair Cutting Scissor 5,5''
1 x Thinning Scissor European Design*
1 x Convenient design case with zipper
* European model teeth aligned on top
Olivia Garden professional shears distinguish themselves through their high-quality material and their comfortable handling. The frequent use of these products does not only facilitate working, it also helps preventing professional diseases like the carpal tunnel syndrome.
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