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Jaguar TCC The Carecut

electrically heated Hair Scissor

 Jaguar TCC The Carecut
 Jaguar TCC The Carecut  Jaguar TCC The Carecut  Jaguar TCC The Carecut
839,00 €
Article No.:
from 11.03.2021

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Based on the idea behind the tried and tested TC Thermocut, JAGUAR has developed a revolutionary technology along with a trail-blazing service concept for the salon: TCC THE CARECUT
The new design of TCC THE CARECUT is not just more elegant and classier, it also makes handling easier. The new scissors are superior when it comes to all cutting techniques and are easy to operate and can thus be used without any special training or familiarization time. Ergonomically balanced, the scissors also promote a relaxed stance when working. Further, the new scissors are characterized by a high blade quality, the gentle heating of which is controlled electronically. For gentle and long-lasting sealing of the hair.
Sealing the ends of the hair
The natural moisturizing and care substances in the hair are maintained, the multi-active cortex does not dry out, environmental influences can no longer ingress. Also suitable for colored or chemically treated hair.
Preventing split ends and brittleness
The TCC eliminates the primary problem associated with long hair, the hair is no longer able to dry out. The sealing process permanently prevents the thinning towards the ends, breakage is reduced. The ends of the hair become smooth and strong.
Promoting the growth of long hair
The sealing of the hair prevents brittleness and hair breakage. The hair will attain length faster and in a healthier way. The client will feel that fresh-from-the-salon sensation for weeks.
Handling is just like any other pair of scissors
This applies to all cuts, from trimming the ends through to an anti-split cut. Pointing, slicing, graduating: The TCC is a professional pair of scissors, perfect for all techniques and easy to use, just like every other pair of scissors, without the need for instruction or familiarization. Ergonomically balanced, the scissors promote a completely relaxed stance when working.

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Jaguar TCC The Carecut

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